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This post is the very first post I’ve ever made. I’m a little nervous to be honest. I don’t know exactly what I’m going to write in this post. I’m just typing whatever comes out of my brain, really.

Hey, check out this video.

This video is a great example of some of the amazing educational content that YouTube is slowly becoming famous for in the recent years. It gives an insight into the worries of a man who needs some new contact lenses, but laments the woes of the traditional method of obtaining them, through an optometrist. In his darkest moment, the protagonist of the story rushes to the rescue and offers a perfect solution: 1-800-CONTACTS. In disbelief, the man is quick to dismiss our hero as a deceiver.

“They can’t have my brand; I have special eyes!” the man exclaims. But our hero, with Pandora’s contact box in hand, is quick to retort.

“Look. Look with your special eyes.”

The climax: the man at last sees salvation before his eyes. His emotion cannot be contained.

“MY BRAND!” he cries.

Truly a tale of a generation.

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