About Us

Our Identity:

Founded in 2009, Rebound New Mexico (RNM) is a New Mexican, community-based charitable organization that works to break the generational chains of poverty in our state.

RNM’s training programs target the next generation of leaders by teaching them to think critically while improving their communication and job interview skills. We focus on the youth living in homeless shelters or in economically challenged families.

We have a proven history of working with other groups and individuals across the state to give New Mexicans the foundation, education and encouragement to participate in the process of improving our state.

Our passion to help New Mexicans lead a better life and make New Mexico a better place has lead us here!

Our Goal & Vision:

RNM aims to empower New Mexicans, so they can achieve prosperity and improve their quality of life, in turn becoming less dependent on government assistance.

We understand that many New Mexicans are over-reliant on governmental assistance like Unemployment Insurance (UI) benefits, food stamps, etc. that funded through taxpayer dollars. Although there some who genuinely need government assistance due to job loss, death in the family or other significant factors, there are too many people who simply see government assistance as an excuse not to work. RNM seeks to help those people by giving them the tools and resources that allow them to break free from that dependence, so they could provide for themselves and their families.

RNM provides training that empowers people to have individual responsibility, increased opportunities, improve our state’s economy, become a productive member of our community, and encouraging others to improve their lives as well. 

We want to take our trainings and programs statewide, to improve the lives of those in other communities!

Rebound New Mexico is a 501(c)(3) organization. Contributions are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.