2020 Heroes Banquet Cancelled Due to Covid-19

As the nation and world struggle to deal with the Covid-19 pandemic that has spread across the world in a matter of months, ReboundNM has decided, with our event co-hosts The New Mexico Business Coalition, to cancel the upcoming 2020 Heroes Banquet event.

We have watched as state’s with leadership on both sides of the political spectrum began closing down entire economies for undetermined amounts of time and placing on hold the future of countless jobs, events, schools, and more. With the future being uncertain as to when we will be able to coalesce together again for large events, ReboundNM made the decision with a heavy heart to refrain from holding our annual Heroes Banquet this year.

From the Governor’s recent statements on the statewide shutdown and path forward, it appears that it will be at the least a matter of months if not longer before large, in person events can be held again. To that end, the planning, organizing, and general groundwork for an event like the Heroes Banquet takes months of time, effort and funding. Without a solid date for when we can gather again to honor our community’s Heroes, we are unable to hold a 2020 event. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you and will be contacting our early sponsors and ticket holders to refund any tickets sales. 

ReboundNM fully expects to host the Heroes Banquet in 2021, after the complications from this virus are mitigated and our daily lives return to a sense of normalcy. We wish you the best of luck as we continue to face this pandemic as a community united. 

 For any questions or to contact the ReboundNM team, give us a call at (505) 836-4223 or info@reboundnm.org